My parents met me on the lamb’s conduit street for lunch and afterwards i did some more primary research (for free).
Because lager is still my favorite type of beer and my father likes it as well we got two local lagers, which we have not tried yet.

Dry hopped lager
A little bit like hay! Fruity a rather heavy bitter with little fizz. Quite earthy a lot of hops. Aftertatse very strong and fruity, a little bit like bloodorange. It doesnt have that typical fresh taste one would expect from a lager.


<a href="https://

London fields brewery craft lager
Lighter also little fizz! Quite mild and colour is also more see through and lighter. I liked it more than the other one at first but as i drank it, it started tasting quite predictable and commercial towards the end.”>IMG_2208.JPG


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