Research porter house

On tuesday I got a couple of friends to help me with my research. We went to a pub called porter house near soho and it had about 60 different beers from around the world. Here are some notes and pictures of the beers that i tasted;

Hersbrucker lager
Very heavy 5% lager. Does not flow down easily and is to be enjoyed slowly. It tastes a bit like the aftertaste of two days of heavy drinking beer but in an enjoyable way

Weihenstephan weissbier
The best wheat beer i have ever tasted from the oldest brewery in the world. Has a much fruitier and individual taste than the erdinger in comparison. The beer leaves the mouth with a pleasant sweet aftertaste and also makes it crave more. At £5.25 a bottle it is not cheap though.

Chimay belgian brown ale
I’m not a big fan of ales in general but this belgian brown ale with 7% alcohol really appealed to me. It hs got a lot more fizz than ales that i’m used to and it has a really rich but very fresh taste.

Duvel belgian golden ale
Very strong beer at 8.5%, stings your tounge and mouth whilst you drink it. Quite a lot of fizz. It seems a bit like wheat beer but its a lot sharper and ‘stingy’ on the tounge. As the beer goes in for the mouth it creates the same feeling as champagne on my tounge. It leaves a wheat beer aftertaste in your mouth.

Indian lager beer 4.8% it tastes quite flat like an ale also because it has little fizz. The aftertaste is quite fresh though and reminds me of a corona in the sun. It might have to do with the origin of the lager.

Strawberry lager
Do not ever order a strawberry lager when you are in a pub. It tastes like a wkd with a bit of foam But it is not worth ruining your elaborate beer taste buds.


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