Research brewdog

On sunday I arranged another evening of researching for my zine. The same team as last time met me in camden in a pub called brewdog. They have a selection of about 10 home brewed beers on tap as well as 15 guest beers. They sell every beer in half or even quarter pints to try them and some of them reach up to 16% alcohol percentage. Here are a couple of reviews of the beers i tried;

Brixton porter (on the right)
Chocolate coffee and dark berry
Really bitter and creamy. Quite fizzy but still goes down smoothly. The taste us stays on your lip and tounge. You can’t drink it very quick.

India pale weizen
A fruity wheat beer with a bit of a dry taste. It’s not as fizzy due to its thick taste. The bitterness of the weizen did annoy me a bit in the end because i like my wheat beer fruity and lighter.

Session simcoe IPA
Smokey fresh taste. A light ipa with quite a bit of fizz but the taste isn’t very strong. The beer leaves quite bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

And that was our table


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