Project: Crimes against Design

Our new project is called crimes against design and we are required to find design flaws in a certain part of London.

My group and I got the Barbican centre, which is a fabulous estate with a lot to research and great graphic features. The only problem is that it is very well thought through and well designed so it’s not easy to find design flaws. Before this project I have  actually never been at the centre so I visited it a few times within the first week to get a deeper feel for the place.

My group partners, Tomas and Jay and me found it is quite hard to find your way around the barbican and we concluded it has to do with the signage within the whole estate. There is a vast number of signs even metres from each other and they aren’t very well thought through. For example the same coloured signs point in opposite directions.


What we found was that there is a famous ‘yellow line’ that leads to the barbican centre.

We researched this more and looked for this yellow line today. It turns out there are a few yellow lines leading to the Barbican even though they are all interrupted and start and finish in very random places, which makes the line a bit unnecessary. So we are thinking about basing our project around this line and trying to improve the use and point of this iconic yellow line. Here are some pictures of it.

IMG_4007 IMG_4040 IMG_4046 IMG_4056 IMG_4073IMG_4084


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