CTS: I Remember

I remember driving my bobby cart with about 3 years old in Hamburg and being terrified of the thought of falling into the river.

I remember trying to climb a wardrobe at my grandma’s house, which ended up falling on my head leaving a hole.

I remember travelling with my family everywhere my mum wanted to go.

I remember having a fight with a good friend which left the snow red.

I remember German School times where it was a big thing when we were allowed to go to the German Bakery in the lunch break.

I remember climbing on my roof on halloween and throwing water bombs at little trick or treaters.

I remember getting my first self chosen guitar.

I remember starting to drink in the suburbs on the street with my gang of underaged German Schoolkids.

I remember the first day at my new high school after 11 years in the German education system.

I remember getting a Leica camera for my 18th birthday from my ex.


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