In this lecture we were taught by a very nice German lady about the simulations of other worlds.

Macdonadisation was explained as a place created for people to consume quickly and leave whereas the opposite, Disneyisation is like Disneyland, a place that attracts people to stay as long as possible and forget time. Casinos are designed in a way that people forget what time or day it is and spend as much time and money as possible.

In the USA, there are whole towns designed for consumerism, where there is a mall in the town centre and all the roads lead there and even the highway passes the focus point of consumerism.

Also in discussion was that places like airports or supermarkets are described as ‘non-places’, which are places missing memory, history  or even emotion. It is a place where you spend a set amount of time and aren’t supposed to make an emotional bond to. These places are very clinical, clean and the often simple design is supposed to appeal to most people. They are stripped off personality and identity and purely exist for a purpose.

The last subtopic we talked about was simulations;




1. The act or process of simulating.

2. An imitation; a sham.

3. Assumption of a false appearance.

NASA uses simulations to train their astronauts before moon travel for safety and training reasons because there is no other way of gaining experience in that field. There are many philosophers, that have looked into simulations and criticise them. Also there are many movies, which touch on the virtual world and how thin the line must be one day between virtual reality and real life. Example of movies include ‘the truman show’, ‘the wall’ and ‘existenz’.


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