Canary Wharf as a private public space

canary wharf.001

canary wharf.002

The first thing we noticed Canary Wharf has it’s own signage that is found nowhere else in London. With a metal sign and distinctive colours it was quite obvious.

canary wharf.003

There is lots of CCTV and one sign said that the scheme is operated by the CITIGROUP, which also has a huge office building in central canary wharf. It is a bit scary that the government doesn’t have power over the surveillance but a big cooperation

canary wharf.005

Not only cameras were around but also megaphones. It felt a bit like in the story 1984 where one person has the power to speak to everyone. It’s a control element, which made me feel quite uneasy.

canary wharf.006

The park was not so much a public place either. The signs in it clearly stated that it was privately owned and that ‘it is no right of way’ so you’re not allowed to use the park as a ‘highway or footpath’ to get from a to b. the park was nicely taken care of but it felt they have the park just so they can say they have a park. There was not a single child playing in there or a family and it didn’t feel like a normal park.

canary wharf.008

The feel of canary wharf is very futuristic compared to central London because every building is modern, built with glass and shiny metal and there are houses shaped like a cut off snake with a huge restaurant in the end. Also the self-driving DLR’s are interesting.

canary wharf.009

There is a contrast in this place with the old dockside houses made from beautiful brick and classic windows. I really like this kind of architecture but sadly it is being used for restaurants, which were completely empty. We didn’t see a single person around those old buildings.


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