Typography 2. class

Before our break Andrew asked us to go off and record the new signage around the LCC campus and ask people about how they are finding their way around. I started researching as soon as I left the room and took pictures of the signs next to the elevator. Later I realized that every single block has a colour assigned to it. The tower block signs are grey, workshop block has blue signs and the design block is yellow. The signage is very clean and subtle it is clear on where to fins which block. I took some photographs of colourful boards, which include signs for different blocks. The wall mounts on which these signage boards are mounted have lots of holes and can be changed quickly. We were told to ask someone about the new signage. I asked a student I didn’t know about his views on the new signage and he was surprised and said he hadn’t even noticed the change of the signage system but that he knows his way around the college and doesn’t really need it to get around. I have to say it took me a while to realize there was a new signage system in LCC but after looking at it more closely, I like it since it is very simple, can be changed easily and is just very clear with it’s simple 3 colours and the clean typeface, which i believe is a thin Helvetica. The student, I interviewed said “I guess the new signage is good since the change isn’t too great and it shows in a simple manner what it’s supposed to.”

Pentagram is the company behind the new signage and they very proudly show it on their website. “Once we understood that the college needed something very simple and functional it was clear to us what we needed to do,” Domenic Lippa.

For this task I have done a form of ethnographic research with an anthropological tradition.


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