CTS Term 2 option 2 Critical Graphic Design Theories

My second option for CTS this turn was Critical Graphic Design Theories. In the first lesson we were given a broad overview about what to expect on this topic.

Why Theory?

  • Provides a base knowledge and understanding of the topic
  • Enables one to look for patterns in the world of design
  • Helps with organisational structures of projects and organising your work
  • It also answers and creates new questions


At the end of this course we are expected to write a manifesto ourselves, discussing a specialised graphic design theory. We got to chose 6 from 20 different subtopics on what we want to learn in this term and the most popular choices will be dealt with.

Here’s a quick SWOT analysis of this course:


Strength:   To focus on specific design theories and rules

Weakness:   The fact that we need to use WordPress to prove our weekly process (I don’t get along with wordpress)

Opportunity:   To connect theories to current projects that I am dealing with

Threats:   There is a high workload and high expectations to be met